Marine Corps
Location Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma
Reservations Reservations are scheduled via Station Fleet Liaison & MAWTS for large group training deployments. TAD travelers are billeted when space is available. Non-availability numbers are issued when room not available.
Commercial: 928-269-3578
DSN: 269-3578
Hours of Operation Busiest Air Training Station in Marine Corps serving training deployments 24 hours per day
Check in/out 24 hours
Room rates and Amenities
DGQ General Officer and Special Executive Staff guests $20.00 to $25.00 per night
Amenities Three (3) double rooms in building 1058 consisting of a bedroom, sitting room, kitchenette. Note: Very limited availability due to large group training deployments.
BEQ / BOQ 06 and 05 Officers
$15.00 per night
  Used to billet large deployment training session personnel.  All deployment pairings and room assignments are accomplished in advance with Unit Deployment S-4 personnel.  There are five (5) buildings with shared rooms/shared head (four (4) to a shower)
ADA Rooms None
Driving directions from
nearest airport
Yuma International Airport: Turn right on 32d Street out of airport, at next intersection turn right on 3E to MCAS Front Gate. One (1) mile from base.
Walking distance to Small walking base.  Can walk to exchange, 7-day Store, Barbershop, Tri-Club, Commissary, and “ Headshed“.
Driving distance to Yuma is a small community with many fast food establishments, two (2) movie complexes, and close by hotels/motels.
Nearby attractions / dining Two (2) miles to main thoroughfare; local attractions/dining can be found in the yellow pages and community map located in the lobby area.
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